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How I work

I offer a quick, friendly, high-quality, hassle-free​ voiceover service.


I do my own recording and editing, so I can get files – mp3, wav or aiff – straight to you, wherever you are, fast and with the minimum of fuss.


I'm based in London, so if you want to use a studio there, or anywhere within striking distance, I can easily get to it.


My fees are always reasonable, and, using PayPal, paying me from anywhere in the world is simple.


Also, if you want help writing, honing and getting the most out of a script, or simply turning it into good English, then my 30 years' experience as an editor of books and other publications may come in handy.




I could go on to tell you my life-history, favourite colour, food fetishes and the amusing name of my dog – but I bet you've better things to do with your time … 





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