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Promotional video
for an international
air industry conference in China


Confident, knowledgeable and dynamic voice to promote and introduce an international summit in Shanghai, showcasing the city as a centre of world aviation and involving all the world's top airlines and aircraft industry players. 

Promotional video
for an international business consultancy


Informative, professional but friendly and approachable voice for Opera Global Business, an international consultancy firm with offices worldwide. The video takes centre stage on the company's website and can be seen right across the internet. 

Strategy video for the Audi corporate website


Strategy video for the Audi corporate website


A calm, authoritative voice to set out the future visions of the German car giant Audi. It's a Tuesday morning in the year 2025. Click here for the full story. 

A calm, authoritative voice to set out the future visions of the German car giant Audi. It's a Tuesday morning in the year 2025. Click here for the full story. 

Web video for an online weather station


Web video for an online weather station


​A warm, friendly narrative for a video to promote Weather Underground, a US-based 

internet weather service offering real-time 
climate information.

TV commercial for Bentley cars


A deep, smooth, sophisticated and quintessentailly British voice for a Bentley car dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.


Promotional video for the Collectable app


Deep, emotional, inspirational and dynamic were the watchwords when it came to voicing the benefits of the new Collectable app, which helps you to pull together into one place all the things – or objects – that mean the most to you in your life.

Video to promote #IdeasNoted debate 

A snappy, casual voice for Moleskine, the Milan-based upmarket stationery maker and retailer, which was sponsoring the #IdeasNoted debate together with TED, the global conference organiser.


Video to promote a new allergy remedy

A serious but friendly and reassuring voice was called for to talk about allergies and to promote new treatments from the Desentum pharmaceutical company, based in Finland.

Corporate video for major food transport company

Sitra food transport group of Belgium wanted a clear, upbeat and informative voice to help get across their wide range of services, their human business approach and the vital role they play in getting food onto our tables.

Animated video for home and business security company

A down-to-earth, conversational voice to back up a simple promotional video, using the increasingly popular black and white animated approach, for the Amax Fire and Security company.

Video promotion for new digital gizmo

A smooth, relaxed, knowledgeable style to promote a new digital audio recording device for sound designers and engineers – and anyone, really.

Senses of Wonder film


As the title of the film suggests, a voice full of wonder at the marvels of nature and how our senses respond to them was the order of the day. The setting is the stunning mountain scenery of the State of Utah, which this work helped to promote.

Corporate presentation to promote the City
of Jeddah

Authority, clear expression and a professional tone, as well as inspiration, were required in this presentational video to promote plans for the development and regeneration of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.




New York club

'James Bond-style' was the brief for this cheekily suggestive ad for a New York City 'gentlemen's club'. I'm the bloke rather than the woman, by the way. Ding-dong!



Car dealership

Friendly, welcoming and informative phone on-hold and 'interactive voice response' messages for a retailer of upmarket cars. 

This is just a sample of my voice work. For more demos, see my  



Silly sonnet

A small selection of character voices and accents – apologies to Shakespeare.

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